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I am an unpublished poet trying to manage how to work out infusions of rhyme on the narrative, in order to access, I like to think, breakfronts on the rhetorical, that are, in some sense, both willowy and purgative. Not without homage to Marcel who does that so well…

Temptations of beauty, that occur in the sublime, as an aesthetic unraveling its mystery in storms of circling flume bloom subsume, that mirrors and multiplies, strays of ecstasy embodied in the body of time -- Called by philosophers ever since Rousseau? in excess --

Migrations on the mythic fall back into language origins, unraveling forms, as well as titillations of the absurd that seems a translation of battles in language occurring for me between ancient and the modern, over dearth of existence and importance of meaning.

I teach at Parsons School of Design, digital illustration, color theory and design communication. I am a professional illustrator of fashion sketches and gesture drawings. Drawing I found helped soothe preponderation of dark waves in the writing — without taking away anything, plus bien -- drawing thinks in a familiarity with forms.

Have several poetry books that are coming together. Two previous books never published. Poetry book 3 and 4, are well on the way, and 5 just started. The working titles are by my definition: pretty postpunky.

Sometimes my poems take on a disquiet that glows moody with beauty and horror, I seem to believe. I've never been able to stop writing them. Or plunging into narrative for new freedoms. They are “treasure” to my psyche.

In narrative I am efforting to unleash 1-5 page sections that stand independently and yet form a meaningful cluster, have hundreds started.

I think what surprised me most with my forays into narrativity, are my uses of rhyme as a former/performer of abstractions that illuminate Hobbit Rob It the rabbit "folds" in logic... Like Didion, per se, or Lispector, in that regard, I dont oversimplify, but jump right in...

I steal freedoms from masters - the freedom to delve and evolve rhetorically with poetry as base animal —

Discuss, in a variety of essays, both on my site and here on Substack, genesis + methods, embrace + encumbrance of poetic allures.

Let ride the rhyming thickness sickness

let dig for cues and rim bow booze

sylph and silt the philo silo

trawl what falls in wells

through the tidal swells

and if so climbs, teeter into rhymes.

nude sketch man 1


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Discussion poetic narrative using to get around treacheries in my tongue. Allaround generally hangingout w/ other mystery masticators and misfits (its a joke), listening sharing writing. + some of my sketches.