Forcoming A Novel


Thinking that I want a way can collect discussions here as dragon flies through, poetic tumbler.

To finish the book I have to keep writing about it. I need to let my thoughts out. In a way that requires particular attention to what I am doing in terms of rhetoric and composition.

3:03 PM. JUN 25, 2024

Sub has turned into — basically, me sharing research. flauberts letters, ciorans journals, zizek quotes — ambiguity book.

partly why writing offline, on the novel, is because I dont want :like numbers - as getting into it, at all — its my third rewrite.

Not now, not till its a book. when its a book I will send out teasers and pleasers, talking to my brother about it, to buyers, sendy wendy. with jokes……. sure a little, let her bee litter obnoxious like in the old days with Lester, dont be afraid to do jokes (thanks groucho), and with LuLu dipping into Ciorans prog nose is … swimming with his well, genet the whisperer: calls beautiful clowns …

and pop out some poetry in the narrative that is like Cioran seeking aphorismas gel, he does the most beautiful brutal paints

its important it lands in lit —-

But now I am pointed, thank you!@again

I have a singular in telling t00, I am interweaving commentary, its got me thinking about fitzgerald in GG, something in the fiction is adhering to his mixness….

but more modern, chop chop — poetry still can, associationally gut out across timebends…

ambiguity book.

Final chapter 2nd read.

5:02 PM. JUN 23, 2024


MAYBE I will just make a bunch to reuse… if collecting notes, should I send out? I may even go back through all these, a day next week, well a month anyway.

I dont want to send out 8 in a row whatever…. no no nono.

I’ll send one that is an introduction to the section. Say what it is and leave at that.

when get manga nibs play with lettering by hand…. I kind of like the first one. Check out steadmans strokes… its girly but simple.

being a rhymer first and narrative rhymer off of it pig latinning with form, includes folly, and includes constants constantly changing, what dyna called my Fizz

(whiz whiz). And of course I stole it. baby bubbles up with joyce pre tensions, in an argument with all the brutal farking gods, the language being playful or screaming, Ton Dur Tristesse

Thats a phrase off of hair of reading Cioran yes ………he might use that usage. does it agree , no, ton dur is one and tristesse the other….» CHECK>

I checked. ton dur is masc and tristesse is a feminine noun. la dure tristtesse. sadness is hard and lasts, like Christiana Rosettis’ forever flowers.

Jun 23

I am going to bring in rhymers, into the empson as explanatory, his era to this. Dylan has great spreads.

If you thnk about how BobDs (ear to wall) his spreads bring what empson talks about in usage, stacks…. and he is a rhymer. I take BD for granted as entray olay into Pynchon.

Pynchon lets the Emspon in him meander but narratively…? hm. he is not really a rhymer, though he does some verse.

Any recommendations great rhymer spreaders. Do I want to do this. Yes. no reason not to. anna ahkmatova did this kind of stuff. clarice didnt’ didsions and plaths come out of internships at fashion rags…. yes.

fashion its hard to avoid! girl in biz its right there… in a way that remains to this day conventional…

no fucking shame in that. gave me Sunil…!

June 22

works in LuLu char tar, as what Dyna called one of my Animations, the violence isnt real and yet its in the fabric of the real asserting itself from all around her, ethical presesure comes in as blood of Jesus, seeping into the real… I wish I were kidding.

“when every ethical pressure is experienced as a false front of the violence of power.”

Slavoj Žižek


June 22

Worked on novel all this last week. Turning into a discuss fuss between 5 things.

Ambiguities — and I am using Empsons stuff — about what is flat — he calls flat, compared to ambigs, make words trade spread. Feels like Browning too in some way… He did some chop chop.

I am doing it with full delightness, reading Cioran, Empson, playing with ink, everyday at terminal I can, determined to have fifty pages end of summer. Ready to send out.

I am allowed however goofy at times, to let love in. while writing. even if how I get to it is considered a daft crime. tho it is admittedly locket held and an explosion of poo poo powder, but not only that, voice around all that, is over fifty percent really, is gaining a lot more room.

I have managed to find voice of a third, so can dip in and out of third, fourth and close first. Forth is a narrator on top of the narrator. its a second layer of abstract?

math is part of abstract.

narrator controls ins and outs of time mechanisms.

narrator on narrator — isnt as much about rhetoric? is a gold digger. open to any abstraction from anywhere? sure why not. ok fine.

Coiran pans, Literary hiccups that do lists with Flaubert, and letting smells from the Joyce monster out. But not take over…

The narrator pokes in, been searching and searching for how to do that. since saw in Beckett a “head pop in,” which somehow didnt get taken out he let it stay in,

I am not doing that, not taking that far, its way statements interact with storytime, book starts out west so narrator can easily bend in towards Didion.

Using math obnoxiously. But it is perverted math. Letting the didarow have a blast with it. Its a steal from Penrose. But then absorbed into the process itself. Huh.

Whenever it appears to me that the work is getting there there, as fiction my stomach explodes with fear. Head to brow bow prow,,,,, fuck calming the killer rabbits —

I am thirsty. The book is about drinking it includes drugs there is sex and threats of violence. And big sky. Still sticky to poetic crafty nifty.

Letting Victor shine? Victor de loveleye. Is a name I got out of a dictionary on military terms—