Perfusions and Delusions

In Perfusions and Delusions letters, I find myself discussing expansionary language mystery for me that is Poetic Holy Oil, that engenders my Sic-ness for Rhyme including nonsense Rhyme, and the exponentials that occur for me when I cross "the line" into aspects of free writing.

The Being and Freeing of Forms
Cap Tan and Ten Nil
What floats your paradox? Also : book called Hamlet's Mill.
Switches and rhymes, headsucking and ratf&cking. SHUT UP.
Before was dead on serious delirious all the time — oh the hangover. Now, love to mock it - to present as a sacred misdoer, born out of the absurd — in…
Perfusions & Delusions, Navigating the Sub in Free Writing
Declaration of consent...
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