Jeter Des Fleur

Subliterate Swoons. And A Side of Dead. This is a a modern novella am working diligently on. Everything in here is WIP. It is afflicted by rhyme and penny dreadful is wrestling with the sublime. Floats, drowns. Presses on. Sacred Dantean vessel LuLu, in a wrangle with beauty and the sacrificial, gender descenders meandering hunger marches, moans of love transanimating death and the shady vigilance of errancy and the absurd.

Novel #2A : Monstre Sacré, SECTION DONE?! This is a a modern french ish novella am working on. Penny dreadful on the dante. Wrestling, conscientiously…
NOVEL 2A-3 or is it 4. Growing. Its growing...
NOVEL 2AA -- working on now infinity's // glorious gloom -- Pretty ROUGH still. Need to break up into double number sections. Emo each down ladder. YUh.
NOVEL 2B LuLu has infinity for love. Affinities shake and tremble at stick. Burns with candles. Glows through to non-sense rhyme, registers dementia as…
Novel Part 3. Working on. Where love is a crime lured out by the sublime.
NOVEL #6. Spills nils fills? Victor save me thrills ? Mouth wide open.
Subliterate Swoons Section 5. Rhythms shimmering in halo hollow wallow from bathos to beauty.
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